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The Al Shami Kitchen is a project that aims to provide Syrian refugees residing in Turkey with
an opportunity to socially and culturally integrate into Turkish society and develop economic
self-sufficiency. This project seeks to make a positive impact on the lives of Syrian refugees
through the infrastructure that the Kitchen is planning to establish. 


"In this humanitarian crisis, not only refugees are at a test of survival, but our morals, our values, and our humanity
are at a test. Women’s rights, children’s rights, human rights are not ideals to be cherished in the abstract,
but have to be firmly stood up for in such moments."

"It is the duty of all mankind to create a living space that is devoted to human dignity to the refugees,
from their homeland to the safe and peaceful start of life."

"The refugee crisis is becoming a new challenge for not only Turkey, but also for the international community as well.
As global powers deliberate, we need to do something now, on the grassroots level. This crisis requires collective action,
and not only from state actors but also from local partners on-the ground."

"Non-human acts should not inhibit the life of innocents. The life goes everywhere by holding on to life with new chances and opportunities. The important thing is building new ways by refreshing, reborning and recreating our paths."


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