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Different cuisines of the Mediterranean region, which reach beyond national boundaries, have been blending for centuries. We believe that the cuisine of Syria, which is familiar but still different to the Turkish palate, has great potential for growth in Turkey. The ethnic cuisine market is in its nascent stage in Turkey. Al-Shami kitchen is an innovative project promising to meet the growing demand for ethnic cuisine in Turkey.


The Syrian women will be provided with an industrial kitchen and they will receive professional training. The aim is to equip them with international cuisine certificates. The kitchen will not only produce for the restaurant housed in al-Shami kitchen facility but also for catering market.


The project also includes a social aspect as it will function as a cultural center. Cultural and educational activities will smooth and assist the integration process of Syrian women and their children, who will attend school in Turkey. In addition to the facilities that will be housed in the kitchen, we will also work with other civil society organizations to support their psychological, educational, and medical needs.


Our aim is to find both governmental and corporate sponsors as part of our initiative. Social responsibility is an emerging priority in Turkey. Employees of sponsors will have the option to engage directly with the members of the Syrian community by taking cooking classes, volunteering at the cultural center, and visiting for meals.

We see this project initiated in Kocaeli as a pioneering step for future initiatives. We would like to create a model based on the information gathered in this local project and eventually disseminate it on a global scale.


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